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VISA to Israel

Work in Israel under contract - Visa B1. The salary is $3,200 per month.
Support for the registration of a work visa B1 to Israel.
The term of the contract is 2-5 years; inter visa (vacation) 1-2 times per hour; tax refund at the end of the contract (you get €1,500-€2,500 for every hour of work at Ben Gurion Airport); insurance; free accommodation; honey commission; examination for confirmation of seniority

The whole procedure takes no more than a month after the verification of your passport by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel

Salary starts at $10 per hour and increases to $15 per hour.
The working day is 10-12 hours
263 hours per month + processing 125% / 150%
The salary is $3,200 per month. That's 42 shekels/hour
Our website lists many of our available positions, but we strongly advise you to visit our office for a personal consultation.
This will allow us to get to know you better and identify the most suitable vacancy based on your skills, experience and career goals.

Come to our office today and let's get started!
Alliance offers job seekers a wide range of pre- and post-arrival services to help them integrate and better understand the Israeli labor market.
Each job seeker can receive advice before or after employment
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Alliance Manpower is a group of companies working in the field of human resources since 2005. Every year we help hundreds of job seekers enter the Israeli labor market, many of whom are new immigrants.
The Alliance's main goal over the years has been to help job seekers, immigrants and refugees enter the labor market at all costs, taking into account the needs, experiences and skills of each individual. Alliance provides free career counseling and guidance services to help job seekers find the right job in their field.

Alliance Agency employment consultants organize on-line meetings, conduct seminars and master classes on employment issues in Israel. In addition, our consultants conduct personal meetings in several of our offices in the cities of Netanya, Tel Aviv, Rishon Lezion and Ashdod

Many Alliance employees immigrated to Israel from all over the world.

Let our experience work for you!

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